Beautiful Barcelona, Spain – Free PDF Travel Guide Book

Barcelona, Spain, Europe – Free Travel Guide Book

Barcelona, Spain, Free PDF Travel Guide Book

Barcelona, Spain is one of the most popular travel destinations in all of Europe. It is a very cosmopolitan city which features a never ending choice of things to do, see and taste. In summer, its Mediterranean coast is always full of people soaking up the sun, while the city’s plethora of bars, clubs and restaurant are vibrant, cultural and bustling.

Barcelona is a perfect location for those interested in art and architecture as it has a rich history in both. The region of Catalonia, of which Barcelona is the capital, is highly scenic with the Montserrat mountain range and various beaches making it one of nature’s wonders.

It is possible to experience an excellent time in Barcelona all year round with some of the cooler months being ideal for those wanting to escape the summer crowds. Famous for its festivals, the Festes de la MercË in September is one of the best. It runs for four days and features a huge number of cultural events, concerts and even a swimming race.

La Rambla

La Rambla is a famous pedestrian street in Barcelona that measures about 1.2 kilometers in length and is well known for its large trees which line the street. Also known as Las Ramblas, this vibrant boulevard slices through the middle of the city and is always full of activity and color. At the south end of the street is Port Vell, while La Rambla ends in the north near Plaça Catalunya. At night, the southern end is known to be a “red light district”.

La Rambla is mostly a pedestrian access, although there are two very narrow one way roads for vehicles on either side. There are many apartments, hotels and other accommodation on this boulevard. It must be remembered that this is a very busy stretch of street and that those wanting a quiet place to stay may find that it’s quite the opposite. La Rambla is a vibrant cultural experience for people who love flair, color, and activity.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain is officially called the BasÌlica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada FamÌlia. It is a Roman Catholic church that has a rich history and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The famous architect Antoni GaudÌ designed the building and it is a fusion of classic Art Nouveau as as well as gothic styles. Construction of the church started in 1882, and has been ongoing ever since with many interruptions. It is estimated that it will be totally complete by 2026.

It is possible for visitors to La Sagrada Familia to have access to the crypt, nave, museum, Passion tower and Nativity tower. There is a small entry fee and this goes towards further construction of the site.

It is hard to believe that such an ancient building is still under construction, and visitors with a keen eye may see some noticeable aspects of difference between the ancient and modern parts, however despite this it is a building that is stunning to admire from afar, and extremely interesting to see up close.