Berlin, Germany – Free PDF Travel Guide Book

Berlin Germany - Free PDF Travel Guide Book

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the most beautiful places in Germany and has been a major attraction for tourists for decades now. All those people who visit Germany make sure that they see Berlin and the beauty that resides in it. However, a visit to Berlin for the first time is very exciting, and it is bound to be an exciting journey filled with wonderful experiences and joy. Berlin is full of history, and it is very rich in culture, which makes it look more gorgeous and eclectic for tourists. Berlin has always been open to tourists, and the city has a number of beautiful places to see which makes it worthwhile for the tourists.

Berlin also happens to be the capital of the German, and this beautiful city lies in the heart of North Germany. The city survived the destruction of World War II, and most of its part is rebuild and was able
to show amazing growth in all aspects including culture and economy.

Berlin is situated in the south of Baltic Sea and at the north of the Czech-German border. Berlin lies in the glacial valley, and it has a river which runs through the city and adds to the beauty of the city. The men elevation which is recorded for the city of Berlin is 115 feet from the sea level. Kreuzberg is the highest point of the city which is a hill that rises almost 218 feet above the sea level.

There are a number of points and locations in the city which must be seen by tourists while they are in the city. These locations are the main attractions for the tourists because they are rich in culture and heritage.

Some of these important tourists’ locations are as follows:

Brandenburg Gate is one of the most marked tourist’s spot in the city as it depicts the culture and heritage of the city. This is a hold city gate which was rebuilt around 250 years ago. This gate is one of its kind and its tall walls still stand proudly.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany


Glass dome of the Reichstag is where the government operates and it is also open to public as well which means that while visiting one can see this building from the inside which is a unique experience,
however one needs to pre-register in order to make sure that permission is granted to visit the place.

The glorious Berlin Cathedral is a state of art building and attracts a number of tourists due to its beautiful and inspiring architecture.

Berlin’s Museum Island is a UNESCO heritage site in the city and no visit to the city is complete without visiting this beautiful museum. The island is located in the center of the River Spree.

Holocaust memorial is also a place to visit as it reflects at the horrendous mistakes of the past.

Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace in Berlin and was built 300 years ago. This is a great place to wander especially if one is fond of palaces and gardens.

Berlin TV Tower is the most impressive architecture in the whole of Berlin and it stands tall, can be seen from each and every place in the city. The view from the tower is mesmerizing and one can enjoy the beautiful site with bubbles and currywurst.