Cape Town, South Africe – Free PDF Travel Guide Book

Cape Town, South Africa Free PDF Travel Guide Book

The Best of Cape Town in South Africa

The city of Cape Town can be found on the coast in South Africa. It is the capital of the Western Cape province and the location of where the Parliament of South Africa can be found. Artifacts from between fifteen and twenty thousand years ago have been discovered within Peers Cave, which is in Fish Hoek. No one knows much about the first people who lived in this area before Bartolomeu Dias found it in 1488.

Ships from around the world stopped in this area when they were on their way to and from the Indies. Trades became even more popular is Cape Town when diamonds and gold were discovered, and people arrived by the thousands. Today it is still considered one of the best places to visit in South Africa.

The summers in Cape Town are warm and mild, although the do have a few heat waves where the temperatures soar higher on occasion. During the winter, those temperatures drop slightly, but it stays warm enough that no one is too uncomfortable. Rain does fall, but mostly during the winter months of June through August.

Cape Town Sign, South Africa

Visitors will find an abundance of nature when they travel to Cape Town. The mountains surround the city, creating a beautiful backdrop that seems to go on for miles. People will find themselves spending most of their days and nights outside as they wander around and participate in one of the many available activities.

Religion can be seen everywhere in Cape Town, but the beauty of it is that multiple religions exist together with no animosity between them. People of all denominations can be seen gathering together, sharing the joy that they strive to have in their life every day.

While Cape Town is quite fascinating, there are many smaller villages and towns not too far away, which is why most visitors will choose to leave this wonderful city for at least a few hours. They simply want to experience as much of South Africa as they can, while learning about the history, culture, and traditions that the locals are more than willing to share.

There are quite a few amazing things to do while visiting Cape Town, but these 7 must be on everyone’s list:

  1. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens – There are eighty-nine acres within these gardens and there are more than seven thousand different plant species scattered throughout. Visitors are encouraged to grab a map before they start wandering around the paths of the garden.
  2. The District Six Museum – One-tenth of this city’s population lived within this district during the first half of the 20th century. That changed when it was declared a white neighborhood and thousands of people were forced to move. This museum shares the history of those years.
  3. Greenmarket Square – This is one of the oldest public squares in Cape Town and local vendors now use it to sell handicrafts and painted fabrics.
  4. Robben Island – This island has had many uses over the years including being a military base, a mental institution, a leper colony, and a prison. A museum can be found there now, and visitors can take a tour of the former prison while learning about the entire history of the island.
  5. Boulders Beach – Anyone that loves penguins will want to visit this beach to see those little creatures up close. People can sit on the beach or stroll along the boardwalk as they watch the penguins go about their day.
    Penguins at Boulders Beach, South Africa
  6. Cape Winelands – Cape Winelands may be outside the city, but it is a must-visit for anyone who has a couple days to spare during their trip. Amazing vintage wines can be found amongst the vineyards, as can wine cellar tours and gourmet meals.
  7. Bo-Kaap – This district is full of color thanks to the colorful houses that line the streets. It is the best place to find traditional Cape Malay cuisine while enjoying phenomenal views of Table Mountain.

Speaking of Table Mountain, that is the one place that everyone must see over everything else in Cape Town. This massive mountain looms over Cape Town at three thousand five hundred fifty-nine feet and it offers spectacular views of Table Bay and the entire city.

Table Mountain, Cape Town, Souyh Africa

Some visitors will choose to hike to the top, despite the fact that it takes quite some time to accomplish that feat. There are numerous routes to the top, but they are all very steep. Everyone is encouraged to go with a guide since the terrain can be a little unpredictable.

Most people choose to take the cable car instead, as it allows them views of the area on both the trip up and down. This is the top attraction within the city, so visitors must plan ahead and book their ride well in advance or they will lose out on this experience.

Cablecar for Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is growing in popularity, which means that everyone will want to put this destination on their bucket list sooner than later. Once everyone knows exactly how wonderful this city is, the lines will get longer, as will the crowds who are out exploring the beauty that can be found everywhere.

View of Cape Town, South Africa