Europe attracts more tourists than anywhere else in the world. Each year more than 600 million international visitors find their way to a European destination. Seven out of Earth\'s ten most visited countries are in Europe, with good reason.

Rome, Italy – Free PDF Travel Guide Book

Enjoy a Spectacular Vacation in Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy, as well as the Lazio region of the country. The city happens to be just over seventy-five square miles, and more than two million people live there. Rome is quite unique because there is a country inside the city, and it is the only area in the world that has that feature. Due to that extraordinary feature, Rome has often been said to be the capital of two different states. People have been calling the city of Rome home for more than twenty centuries now, which makes…

Some of the most popular destinations are: Alcase, Alicante, Amsterdam, Antalya, Bali, Barcelona, Berlin, Brindisi, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Burgas, Dublin, Florence, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Istri, Kiev, Krakow, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Muğla, Munich, Nice, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, St Petersburg, Tenerife, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw and Zadar.