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Hamburg Germany Free PDF Travel Guide

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is the largest city in Germany after the city Berlin and this city is situated at the head of River Elbe with a funnel-shaped estuary. This city is significant from a geographical and political point of view because it is located at an essential location which connects Germany’s inland network with the sea. Hamburg is known as a famous harbor area and Port of Hamburg is very famous around the world which depicts the importance of this city. It is a major transportation hub and connects Germany with the rest of the world and that is why it has become a culturally important and commercial center for most of the events that are carried out in the country, along with being a huge attraction for tourists because of its architecture.

Hamburg Train Station

The curving Deichstrasse is the only old part of the city which survived centuries of wars and fires. The distinct architecture found in this part of the city dates back to Baltic Germany. It is connected with a number of bridges over many city canals and have a large number of brick warehouses built all around this part of the town.

The Old Elbtunnel in Hamburg, Germany

There are many things in this city which catch the attention of the tourists and some of them are as follows:

  1. The Port of Hamburg or else known as the gateway to Germany is a huge port which is stretched over 100 square kilometers. The newest addition to this harbor is Elbphilharmonine which is also known as Elphi.
  2. Miniature Wunderland is more than a toy train layout and it is regarded as the world’s second largest model railway. It is composed of more than 15,400 meters of track and 1040 trains which is a fascinating sight for tourists.
  3. Kunsthalle Hamburg is a magnificent building which consists of three separate but connected buildings. There are numerous artwork present in this building which is made by local artists who belonged to the 14th-century era and these old art pieces catch the attention of tourists.
  4. Rathaus or else known as the city hall is located at the center of the Hamburg old town and it was completed in the year 1897. This building has almost 647 rooms which are often opened for the public to conduct the Long night of museum.
  5. St. Michael’s church is the most famous of all the churches that are located in the city. It is because of its baroque style of architecture and it is considered one of the most important landmarks of the city.
  6. International Maritime Museum is a great place to discover and explore the rich history of the Hamburg Maritime and all other things which are related to the sea. This museum has some things on display which cover 3000 years of connection between humans and water.
  7. Museum of arts and craft is located near the train station and ranks alongside the Bavarian National Museum. It is a most comprehensive display of German applied art and it was founded in the year 1874.