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Jerusalem Israel Free PDF Travel Guide


Jerusalem is known as one of the ancient cities of the world. It is also considered to be one of the holiest cities too and therefore holds many sacred sites as well. The place has many museums and monuments in it. Many festivals are going around in this city throughout the year so that any visitor would be preoccupied with their events. The old city of JerusalemJerusalem has a very long and rich history in which it has been attacked and destroyed many times, but still, the city is standing and thriving. A number of holy personalities have lived in the city of Jerusalem which is why this city has so much importance in history books and even today.

The old city of Jerusalem

The old city of Jerusalem

This is a must thing to see and experience as it is one of the most significant historical sites in the world. The endless alleys and the bazaar will fill you with joy and fun.

Haram Al-Sharif

Haram Al-Sharif

This is one of the historic sites of the world as Abraham was known to offer his son as a sacrifice in front of God. The place is important to all the three religious groups which include Muslims, Christians, and Jews. To the southern site, it is said that this place has Masjid Al Aqsa which is one of the oldest mosques of the world.

Wailing Wall

The Western Wall, Wailing Wall, Kotel This place is holiest to Jews and is known to be a site for their pilgrimage since the advent of Ottoman Empire. Due to its historical significance, the place is known to serve as one of the best tourism sites.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Church of the Holy SepulchreThis site is important to Christians as it is considered to be the place where Jesus was crucified. The original church was destroyed in 1009, and the church that stands up till now is known to date back to the 11th century. The interior of the church has many holy relics in it which makes it one of the best spots to visit.

Armenian quarter

On the South of Citadel, there is Armenian quarter. This too provides a rich cultural heritage as the Armenians arrived here back in the 5th century. During the Ottoman era more and more Armenians came here. This place usually gets fewer tourists which is why light is supposed to be shed on it so as to give it its significance.

Mount of Olives

Mount of OlivesThis is considered as the center of the Jerusalem city, and this site serves as a Holy pilgrimage for Christians and Jews. There are over 150,000 graves at this place and a number of Christian churches which surround this place.

The Biblical Zoo

This is the most visited site in Jerusalem every year, and it has been awarded the best tourist spot because of the versatility it holds. The zoo is spread over almost 62 acres, and there are a number of tourist’s attractions at this place, Noah’s Ark Café is the most important of all.