Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Free PDF Travel Guide Book

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Free PDF Travel Guide Book

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  – Free PDF Travel Guide Book

Kuala Lumpur is a bustling and large region in Malaysia. With a large population and many cultural sights, it is a must-see spot for all tourists to the country. In fact, it is easy to spend several weeks in Kuala Lumpur and still not see and experience everything it has to offer. Enjoy the street markets where you can see and purchase locally produced products and food. Take in the vast number of temples, shrines, churches and mosques, or enjoy the natural attractions such as the spectacular Batu Caves which is within easy access of the city. One of the stand out temples to view is the Thean Hou Temple.

Some other popular sites and attractions are the extremely tall Petronas Twin Towers, the Chow Kit Market, the very old Anglican church Cathedral of St. Mary, and the Istana Budaya national theater. For those who love shopping, Chinatown can not be missed. Here can be found bargains galore. Being such a culturally diverse place, Kuala Lumpur features enclaves of various cultures, and another such one is Little India at Brickfields.

Staff picks and must see
KL Tower

The KL Tower, officially known as the Kuala Lumpur Tower, is a very tall communications tower that is also open to visitors. Standing 1099 feet without including the antenna, the main attraction for visitors is the revolving restaurant, which allows visitors to eat whilst enjoying stunning panoramic 360 degree city views.

A unique event held each year in KL Tower is a race where people simply race up the stairs as fast as possible. Despite the height of the tower, the internal lift takes a mere 54 seconds to go from the bottom to the very top of the tower.

Standing on Bukit Nanas (Pineapple Hill), KL Tower is an impressive site in Kuala Lumpur, but the real appreciation can only be had by going to the very top and enjoying a meal whilst the tower slowly rotates, allowing you to view the city in all its glory from above.


Kuala Lumpur is not only shopping, even though it is an essential part of tourist life in the city.

There are also many other options, and you can only very little money, hire a taxi for a full or half day, and for example go to Buta Cave or the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, where you can walk around in the treetops of narrow funicular.

Petronas Twin Towers

Much of the shopping is collected on and around Jalan Bukit Bintang, but also the Petronas Twin Towers has a large shopping center to offer. You can also reach the walkway between the two thorns, but since there are only handed out 1,600 free tickets a day, you have to be there very early in the day. The queuing starts before time. 7 in the morning.

Buta Caves

The Buta Caves are just a short distance north of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They are considered a sacred shrine for Hindu people in Malaysia and the complex features three main caves plus a number of small caves which are mostly formed by limestone.

Reaching the Buta Caves is easy either by bus or taxi. Prepare to see many of the local monkeys at the caves as they call them home. There is even a shop where you can purchase bananas and peanuts to feed the monkeys. Beware however that they can bit and small children should be kept away from the monkeys.

Inside the caves are some native flora and fauna that can not be seen elsewhere, such as Rousettus fruit bats and several species of spiders. For those more interested in other types of adventure, Batu Caves is a top spot for rock climbing. There are well over 100 climbing opportunities around the caves and most can be started from the ground level.