Paris, France – Free PDF Travel Guide Book

Paris France - Free PDF Travel Guide Book

Experience the Beauty of Paris

The city of Paris is also the capital of France and its beauty, atmosphere, and ambiance have earned it the nickname of The City of Love. More than two million people live within the forty-one square miles of the city, although the streets swell to twice that number on most days.

The first inhabitants in this city were the Parisii, and they lived there in the middle of the 3rd century B.C. The Romans followed, naming the town Lutetia of the Parisii, and eventually the name shortened to Paris. Each new century brought changes to this city, whether a decrease or increase in population, a change in rulers, or new attractions.

Paris can be found along the banks of the River Seine, and the weather is pleasant for most of the year. The summers are quite sunny and warm, while the winter months bring cooler temperatures and very little sun. Rain does fall throughout the year, mostly lightly, however, there are a few downpours. At times during the winter, that rain turns to snow, but it hardly ever sticks to the ground.

Visitors stroll along the iconic streets as they stop into museums, galleries, boutiques, and local restaurants. There are so many architectural delights to see in Paris, including many of the art-filled museums. The artistic treasures that can be found in the city delight those who visit, yet it may be the cuisine and the wine that enthralls them the most.

Food is everywhere in this city, as is wine, and it is easy for travelers to grab what they need from a market or bakery for a meal. Those meals can be enjoyed in many of the parks in Paris, or on the riverbank, and they are an excellent way for everyone to experience the authenticity of the area. However, everyone can also find delectable cuisine at local restaurants. Although it is often recommended that visitors dine out at lunch, as the cost is much less.

The only thing that Paris is known for, other than its museums and cuisine, is its sense of fashion. Fashion trends are always seen in this city first, and it is not uncommon to see people exiting boutiques, department stores, and vintage shops with a multitude of bags filled to the brim with purchases. If someone sees something in Paris, it is guaranteed that it will be a fashion trend everywhere else in the world shortly!

There is so much to see and do while visiting Paris, but these are the 7 things that everyone must have on their list:

  1. The Louvre – This museum has more than thirty-five thousand works of art, but most people go for a glimpse of the infamous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

  2. Notre Dame Cathedral – It took two hundred years to complete this masterpiece and everyone who visits marvels at the intricate details that can be found within the architecture, the statues, the gilded ceilings, and the stained-glass windows.

  3. The Rodin Museum – This museum holds more than six thousand sculptures that were created by Rodin, along with another eight thousand drawings and gouaches. Everyone will also want to wander around the grounds to see the roses and the fountain.

  4. The Luxembourg Gardens – These gardens are the place to be, especially during the warmer months of the year. Visitors can watch the locals and other tourists wandering around, or they can watch the puppet show and take a ride on the oldest merry go round in the city.

  5. Berthillon – Berthillon is an amazing ice cream shop that can be found along the narrow streets of Ile-Saint Louis. While everyone will love wandering around this area, as they look at the mansions and experience the tranquility of the courtyards, it is Berthillon that they will enjoy the most. The ice cream shop has approximately ninety different flavors, and they are all natural and handmade.

  6. The Eiffel Tower – This tower should not be standing today since it was constructed only for the 1889 World Fair. However, its popularity has allowed it to secure its place in history forever.

  7. Arc de Triomphe – This massive structure can be found at one end of Champs-Élysées, and it honors those who fought and lost their lives during World War I. Everyone will want to climb to the top for the views before paying their respects at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

One of the best attractions in Paris is the Museé d’Orsay. This museum can be found within the old Beaux-Arts railway stations and inside, visitors will find the world’s largest collection of Impressionist masterpieces. Guests can spend an entire day admiring works of art by Monet, Van Gogh, Gaugin, Degas, Cézanne, and more.

In between exhibits, everyone is welcome to enjoy a bite to eat and something to drink at one of the two phenomenal on-site cafés or the restaurant that has been there since the train station was opened. At the end of a visit, guests should make sure that they stop inside the bookstore to grab a souvenir or a few other mementos to remember their time at the museum.

Paris is such a fascinating city to visit and explore, which is why so many people arrive there every day. Anyone who hasn’t been will want to place it on their travel list, as it is one of the destinations that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime.