When it comes to creating your own solo getaway, and actually traveling alone it is important to remember that this style of travel is very different from your average family vacation or traveling with friends. There are some ways that you can prepare to travel alone and also get the most out of your solo vacation.
Here are the top tips for traveling solo.

Solo travelerAlways have a way to contact home. Depending on where you are planning on traveling, you may not want to select a destination that is far away from any type of communication device. If you ever run into an emergency or need to call home to receive extra funds, you need to be in a place where you can access your finances and also get into contact with people should you ever experience an emergency. Part of traveling alone is having some kind of safety net. Buy a local phone card when you are traveling, or have access to the Internet you can feel a lot safer as you are traveling solo.

Doing research ahead of time: spending the time to do research while you are on the road can be very difficult. At least if you travel with a group there can be one person who works to sort out any problems with your trip as you are traveling. When you are traveling alone all responsibilities are on you. This is why research is important. Look into your destination, learn some of the languages and also map out your trip so that you know exactly where you need to be at any given time.

It’s very important that you have some kind of backup in case the airline loses your luggage. While this is an uncommon occurrence it can help to have extra clothing in your carry-on bag and also pack fairly light for the duration of your trip. If you are traveling or backpacking solo you want to pack so that you don’t get bogged down with all your possessions. Think very hard about the type of things that you will need to bring on your trip and also prepare for emergencies during travel. Budget some extra money for some goods that you may need to buy to feel comfortable over your trip.

By spending some time in your hotel you can meet some other travelers and potentially even find new friends while you are traveling. Meeting up with some people is a great way that you can look out for each other as you are traveling.

Always be alert. It’s important that you always remember that you are in a different place as you are traveling. Many people will neglect this fact and look like a tourist and act like a tourist. Something as simple as flashing money in a store as you pay could declare you as a target if you are alone and in a foreign nation. Always be aware of your safety and tried to stay in safe areas throughout your trip.

Don’t tell all people you’re alone. If you ever need to ask for directions it’s usually not a good idea to say that you are alone. If somebody ever asks if you are traveling alone, you might want to say that you are meeting somebody in a certain place or that friends are back at the hotel. You can put yourself at risk by telling people you’re alone.

Part of traveling alone involves having some great stories to tell when you get back home. Push yourself outside of your own comfort zone and experience a bit of adventure when you are traveling solo. Try something that you wouldn’t be able to do at home, meets a new people and experience the culture by going on an adventure two.

These are a few of the top tips for traveling solo, and by following these tips and more you can work to stay safe even on long journeys traveling alone.

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